ChildRescue app now in stores!

Become a Social Sensor and help find missing children near you.
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  • Stay informed about missing children near you.
  • Receive notifications on your smartphone.
  • Send your feedback via the app.
  • Help reduce the time required for a missing child to be found.

Quick Guidelines

Download the app and register yourself (optional). You can then simply forget about the app until ChildRescue needs your help. You may receive a notification of an alert when a child goes missing near you…

All notifications are location based and time-restrained, which means that they will only appear on smartphones inside the defined area at the exact time a notification is issued. You can help us find missing children in your location by staying alert when you receive a notification on your phone. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any possible useful information, which you can report directly to the app! Thank you for becoming a Social Sensor – together we can find them!

Before registering the app, please make sure you have read and understood the privacy policy for mobile users

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