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The ChildRescue Entity, identified as We, with which You, enters in agreement when using ChildRescue, processes Personal Data both as a Controller as defined in the and the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR.

Data Collected
You can use ChildRescue either anonymously or by registration. In both cases, and to ensure the correct operation of the ChildRescue platform, ChildRescue will use, but, not collect data regarding Your:
– Current Location
– Network
When You register, you will be able to be more actively take part to ongoing missing children investigations. For this reason, a verification of Your email address or mobile phone number may take place before disclosing to You data regarding ongoing investigations. The registration and identification procedure will collect data regarding Your:
– Name
– Surname
– email
– Telephone (optional)
ChildRescue reserves the right to ask You to prove your identity in case You register.

Usage of Your Data by the Authorities
We inform You that when using ChildRescue, you will become a member of investigation by providing feedback to ongoing missing children cases. As such you agree that:
– The authorities can use Your data to come into contact with You, if the need arises.
– Data collected by Us, and which are relevant to an ongoing investigation may be handled to the authorities if requested.
– When You give feedback to an ongoing investigation that is officially carried out by the Police. Since feedback given by You can be used for present or future legal investigations, Your identification number, feedback and locations from every feedback You have given will be not deleted from Our databases even if You request so. Please refer to Article 23 of the GDPR.

Usage of Your Data by the Third Parties
We inform you that we may share Your data with other Humanitarian Organisations dealing with missing children so that to increase the efficiency of cross border investigations. Data will be shared in the same format as stored in our databases so that the same mechanisms of archiving and deletion can be applied to them by the third-party entities. We will ensure that the third party:
– Is based on a country that has adopted GDPR
– Is explicitly required by contract that it will enforce our data policy regarding Your personal data
– In case that You revoke Your consent, it will be notified within 2 working days regarding Your revocation and will be required to delete all of Your data form its premises within 5 working days after notification has been sent.

Your rights concerning your data
ChildRescue performs pseudonymisation and anonymisation on Your personal data as these are recommended by the GDPR. What this means is that:
– Your personal data are stored in a way that is unreadable except from the ChildRescue Entity technical personnel and the ChildRescue Application.
– The above process is implemented by following best practices in encryption and anonymisation to ensure that the data are securely stored
– Special data that can lead to the re-identification of Your personal data, are kept in separate database, which is referred to as the Identification Database, and can only be accessed by the ChildRescue Entity technical personnel.

You have the right to:
– At any time, request and retrieve information regarding how Your data are used and/or processed.
– Rectification of Your personal data in case You find inaccuracies and/or omissions.
– Erasure of Your data that are already being stored. Upon request, Your identification entries will be removed within 24 hours upon receival of request from the Identification Database and You will not be able to identified by the platform or by any ChildRescue operator any more. An exception is that of your identification number, feedback You provided and the locations from which You provided it as this is justified in Section Usage of Your Data by the Authorities. You can request that these Personal Data become offline, meaning that they will be stored in facilities without network access.
– Restrict the processing of your data. This right involves only Us; if authorities need Your data for processing, the ChildRescue Entity will provide the data.
– Download all your stored data in portable formats
Please note that any processing, profiling and decision making performed by ChildRescue, will generate suggestions that will have impact on ongoing investigations.

Why We process Your data
Collection and processing of Your data is necessary for ChildRescue Entity to perform its tasks that are necessary for the public interest. More specifically, collection of Your data is necessary for registering and/or identifying you when You use ChildRescue to view alerts and/or provide feedback/information (see also the Data Collected Section). Procession of Your data is needed to perform analytics on past and current cases; these analytics will provide prognostic functionality to the Entity and they will aid the Entity to future cases. In case You register with identification, Your personal data will also be processed in order to match You against the feedback/information You provided in order to evaluate Your reliability. Your personal data will be stored to the Entities’ storage infrastructure. The Entity may share Your personal data with the authorities upon a legal request (please refer to the Usage of Your Data by the Authorities Section). For the process of deleting Your personal data upon Your request, please refer to Your rights concerning Your data Section. In any case, Your Personal Data will be anonymised, after 5 years of inactivity. Anonymisation means that the Entity will have no way of identifying You from the platform’s data. The Entity however will still keep a minimum of Your Personal information; please refer to Section Usage of Your Data by the Authorities.

Cookie details
We inform You, that ChildRescue uses essential cookies for maintaining session information, performance cookies that collect non-identifiable user experience information and functional cookies to store Your personal preferences. The list of cookies that we use can be found in the following table:


Provider Name   Type   Expiration   Purpose
ChildRescue   Session_id Session information   5 days Maintain information that keeps Your session valid through transactions with the platform

Your obligations concerning the data of the ChildRescue application
– You are not allowed to keep any copy of the data of the closed cases. Any records related to the data or copy of the data of a case that You by Your own have exported in any format, should, also, be destroyed as soon as the case is closed and removed from the ChildRescue application.
– You are liable for any misuse of the application, even if You use ChildRescue anonymously. Deliberately providing false or misdirecting evidence, hindering ongoing investigations and disclosing sensitive information are a violation of terms and also constitute a legal offence. Performing the above actions, or any other criminal activity, will lead to your persecution to the full extent of the law.

Contact Details
For any feedback or questions about your privacy and data protection you can contact us at: info@childrescue.eu