ChildRescue will meet its goals through targeted objectives, divided into three major categories:

  • Scientific Objectives focusing on the scientific and research work to be done to deliver a rigorous and self-standing methodology for the missing investigation,
  • Technical Objectives focusing on the delivery of the ChildRescue platform, through the implementation of novel, self-standing components and their integration under a common platform, and
  • Societal Objectives that focus on the evaluation and validation of the solution, the spread of the excellence gained and the real-life sustainability, supporting the identification of missing children in practice.


In this context, the main objectives of ChildRescue are:

Scientific Objectives

  • To propose a novel methodology for accelerating and amplifying the network effect and harnessing collective intelligence in the investigation of missing and unaccompanied children by creating an uninterrupted cycle of information flow and communication between all stakeholders, achieved by working on top of social theories and identifying how they can be influenced by novel ICTs towards addressing a critical societal challenge.
  • To augment the profiling knowledge for the missing or unaccompanied child from a personal, psychological and social perspective through the provision of high quality, multi-layer data profiling extrapolating activity patterns, based on the Activity Theory principles.
  • To anticipate the whereabouts or origin of the missing or unaccompanied child in a reliable way and deduce more informed directions for the investigation that are crowdsourced to the community, through the definition and iterative application of multi-dimensional predictive analytics algorithms.
  • To strengthen the secure and intelligent management of sensitive personal information by introducing enhanced end-to-end methods for data privacy, anonymisation, crowd-validation and quality assurance, at all stages of the investigation process.

Technical Objectives

  • To seamlessly integrate data coming from heterogeneous sources such as open data streams, social networks, the linked data cloud, and existing legacy systems for providing a unified data harmonisation, collaboration and information visualisation infrastructure for supporting the coordination and management
  • To build an open-source, value-adding platform investigation cycle methodology and integrating the ChildRescue stand-alone components through their specified interfaces.

Societal Objectives

  • To reinforce social responsibility regarding the plight of missing children and unaccompanied minors by inducing more attainable individual and collective behaviours on behalf of citizens who continuously act -to-use ICT tools.
  • To validate, demonstrate and evaluate the ChildRescue approach through real-life pilot cases of missing children and unaccompanied minors outcomes, by complementing their current modus operandi.
  • To promote the adoption of the ChildRescue outcomes to response organisations across EU, as well as to other stakeholders involved in the relevant cases, as a unique proven solution leveraging the network effect and the collective intelligence for the increase of their operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To support collaboration in national and cross-border level for efficient identification, safeguarding and support provisioning to unaccompanied minors, thus supporting the resolution of a critical societal challenge, emerging result of the Refugee Crisis which Europe faces since 2015.