Public Deliverables

# Title Delivered
D1.1 User Requirements M3
D1.2 Regulatory framework for data protection, privacy and ethical issues M4
D1.3 ChildRescue Integrated Methodology, Release I M6
D1.4 ChildRescue Integrated Methodology, Release II M21
D2.1 Profiling Methodological Foundations M9
D2.2 Multi-source Analytics Methodological Foundations M10
D2.3 Privacy and Anonymisation Methodological Foundations M9
D2.4 Profiling Analytics and Privacy Methodological Foundations, Release I M12
D3.1 ChildRescue Architecture and Platform Design M12
D3.2 ChildRescue Platform and Mobile App Early Prototype M12
D3.3 ChildRescue Platform, APIs and Mobile App Release I M18
D4.1 ChildRescue Validation Framework M12
D4.2 ChildRescue Pilot Handbook, Release I M18
D5.2 Project Website and Web 2.0 Channels M3

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